Quality Step

Spekter divides its products of steps, so it's easy for consumers to find the quality you want and select the right product, to the specific task. On product labels indicates the color, the quality category the product belongs to.


Does not exist in better quality!

The very best top quality, to those who are
most quality conscious. Taking care of every
detail, ergonomic as well as brush / pile
- It is available not better! This quality is
for those who want the best quality and
the best results - easily and efficiently.


better quality

The better quality for the demanding
do-it-yourself customer who expect a
little more, and want to achieve great
results - without compromising workflow.
There emphasis is on ergonomics and

Good quality

A good value for do-it-yourself
customer, who does not have
the same needs as the professionals
- but still makes demands on qualities
and finishes.


Top quality for the professional painter.


Quality tools and accessories.




Symbol table


One symbol can say more than number of words. Spekter has clear and simple symbols that are repeated on labels, price tags and other places where they serve the a purpose. The symbols show what brushes, rollers etc.. are useful for:



 Slightly rough to rough surfaces,
e.g. ceilings


 Slightly rough to rough surfaces,
e.g. walls

 Smooth surfaces,
e.g. floors


 Difficult-to-reach areas,
e.g. radiators, behind pipes    


 Smooth surfaces,
e.g. doors, panels, boat, car 

e.g. windows, glazing bars


e.g. fences


 Rough surfaces,
e.g. facades, plaster, brick walls




 Fits extension pole