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Vejledning & Inspiration

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X-PO Shop-in-shop system


Flexible and easy to extend

X-PO is an easy-to-follow display system that ensures optimal presentation of the Spekter range, raising the category of painting tools to the same level as that of other quality tools. The shop-in-shop concept increases the chance of impulse sales while customers stand looking at the selection available. Customers expect your store to provide them with professional advice and to present the best possible range of products. These are expectations you can now easily fulfill while simultaneously increase your turnover.

The shop-in-shop concept can be adapted and extended to accommodate adjustments to the Spekter range. The X-PO flex stands can carry e.g. seasonal products.

Or you may use them for double-exposure or by check-out terminals to increase impulse sales.


Basis - 3 Sections 550000

550001 Base unit L-shaped side piece 200 cm 

550002 Base unit L-shaped side piece 160 cm 

550003 Distance piece for base unit 

550004 Rear net 

550005 Bottom shelf with socket 

550006 Side plate/unit separator 

550007 Scraper shelf 

550008 Shelf 

550010 Bracket for wire shelf 

550012 Hook 75 mm 

550013 Hook 250 mm 

550015 Bracket for plate shelf 

550018 Top sign holder angled 

550019 Distance piece 130 cm 

550020 Spotlight + 50W bulb 

550021 Paint brush holder 

550022 Heel for base unit L-shaped 

550024 Rear net 

550025 Sales promotion - two-piece plate 

550026 Drawer wheeled and bottom shelf 

550028 Text channel strip for base unit, short arms 

550029 Rear plate 130 cm 

550031 L-shaped base unit - low 125 cm 

550033 Shelf 900 x 220 mm 

550035 X-PO Flex Light w/bottom shelf 

550038 Telescopic arm for info board 

550079 Arm for text channel strip - flexible 

550080 Text channel strip DBR39 - flat list 

550081 Text channel strip NON39 - angled list 

550082 Text channel strip TK39 for shelf 

550083 PPV-list for DBR39 - flat list 

550084 Partition OPH front/rear list 

550085 L-shaped partition OPT end piece 

550086 T-shaped partition middle piece 

550087 Rear edge plate